TTAD #9 - Ice Ice Arnie, Pogo, Meat Tenderizing, Flat Earth, Songs of the Summer, and an Anti-Smoking PSA

Omakase Content

Some Dope Songs

Ice Ice Arnie - Luke Million 💪🏻

For a bit of fun I whipped up a track for Tom and Alex from Triple J to feature on their breakfast show. The criteria was "use as many Mr Freeze puns as possible from the 1997 movie Batman and Robin". 

Alice - Pogo 👩🏼

A Dope Meat Tenderizing Test

A Dope Flat Earth Convention Set of Interviews

A Dope Playlist of the Songs of the Summer (1962-2018)

The Mix: The Songs Of The Summer

A Dope Reminder to NOT SMOKE

Keep it breezy. 💨 ✌🏻