TTAD #13- Jaylib, CeCe Peniston, Medhane, Emotion Vocalizer, Media Bias Fact Check, Nani Marquina

Omakase Content

Some Dope Songs

Jaylib - The Red 🥊

One of the greatest beats of all time, RIP J Dilla

Medhane - Routine 🦁

CeCe Peniston - Finally ❣️

A Dope Website

Emotion Vocalizer

This website maps out all human emotions, and when you scroll over one, plays the audio of the corresponding vocalization. Wild how there are so many emotions, but how easily we as humans can discern them just based on their sounds.

Sourced from @youfoundanisha on Twitter.

Another Dope Website

Media Bias Fact Check

Unfortunately, individuals now have to fact check almost everything themselves. This website catalogs 3200+ media sources by their bias, and provides an awesome list of the least biased media orgs.

A Dope Rug Purveyor

Nani Marquina

Keep it TRILL. ✌🏻