TTAD #12 - Todd Terje, Touch Sensitive, Lil Duval, Library of Congress, and AI Insanity

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Some Dope Songs

Todd Terje - Inspector Norse 🇳🇴

Touch Sensitive - Pizza Guy 🍕👈🏻

Smile (Living My Best Life) - Lil Duval f. Snoop Dogg

A Dope Library of Congress Photo Archive

Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Catalog, Roadside Attractions & Landmarks

The Library of Congress just added over 10,000 photos of roadside attractions in the United States - free to use (with attribution)

A Dope AI

Learn From Anyone is a super simple application built on top of a crazy breakthrough in AI, GPT-3. Learn From Anyone allows you to type in a person you want to have a conversation with - like Albert Einstein, Paris Hilton, or Snoop Dogg - and the website will respond with a super coherent response.

GPT-3 was created by Open AI.

Have a dope weekend yall. Hit me up with any feedback 👈🏻