TTAD #10 - DJ Shadow + De La Soul,, Fungi Perfecti, Morbotron, and Folding @Home

Omakase Content

Some Dope Songs

Rocket Fuel - DJ Shadow, De La Soul (Ten Ven Remix) 🚀

De La Soul - Stakes is High (f. Maury Povich) 🙌🏻

Mint Royale - Show Me (f. Posdonous of De La Soul) 🌿

Dope Sunday Long Watch (Much Recommend) talks about how the commercial “machine” optimizes/hacks human attention, and the outcomes of this - as well as how we can rearchitect that machine for *better* outcomes.

A Dope Mushroom Site

Fungi Perfecti is THE SPOT for anything mushrooms. Paul Stamets, the founder, is also a suuuuuuuper interesting guy.

A Dope Futurama Quote Search Engine


A Dope Way to Actually Fight Covid (or Cancer, or other diseases)

Folding @Home

Folding @Home is a program you download that utilizes your computer’s spare CPU cycles to help scientists figure out how the proteins of diseases (like Covid or Cancer) actually behave - so they can come up cures for those diseases!

Plus, you get to look at a cool spinny protein thing!

Have a good Sunday ya’ll. Keep it 200. 😇