Things That Are Dope #1

The first edition of TTAD

Hi, and welcome to Things That Are Dope (TTAD).

The point of this newsletter is to make you feel dope - like this:

I’ll send out this email a few times a week with links to dope stuff, so you can feel dope.

Some Dope Songs

Pete Rock and Camp Lo - Glitter and Gold ✨

Camp Lo - Sunglasses 🕶

A Dope Quote

“If someone could only see my actions and not hear my words, what would they say are my priorities?”

(James Clear,

A Dope Website

This Word Does Not Exist.

Uses AI to create real-sounding words and definitions.

A Dope Video

Understanding how our biology from millions of years ago leads to our actions in the context of today.

That’s it for Volume 1. Hopefully you’re closer to this: